Saint Christophe Book by Maximiliano Garay


First ever publication about the wonderful world of Saint Christopher dashboard badges.

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A bible for badge collectors and a must for serious Automobilia lovers. With more than 300 pages written in English, French and Spanish describing a wide selection of pieces… more than 750 badges in 1:1 scale photographed in great quality. Information on engravers and automobile accessories firms that commercialized them.

From alloy pieces to crystal and gold ones, this book takes the reader to a in-depth study of the origins of the Saint Christopher legend and its use on early automobiles, with and easy classification of the pieces for rapid identification.

Documented pieces from renown engravers and sculptors like Bazin; Brandt; Contaux; Dropsy; Lavrillier; Rasumny; Varnier and others.

Amazing pieces from luxury firms like Cartier; Hermès; Lalique; Mellerio and more.

Limited edition of only 500 copies, each book is hand signed and numbered by the author. Hard cover book, measures 11 inches x 9,6 inches aprox and weighs around 2kg.